Evolution and Christian Faith Grant Program

Welcome! You have reached the home of Evolution and Christian Faith (ECF), a grants program that was offered by BioLogos. ECF supported projects and network building among scholars, church leaders, and parachurch organizations to address theological and philosophical concerns commonly voiced by Christians about evolutionary creation. The goals of ECF were to:

  1. Address theological and philosophical concerns which certain branches of Christianity have about evolutionary creation. This work might be done in a tradition- or even denomination-specific manner.
  2. Explore and increase appreciation for how an evolutionary view of creation enriches Christian experience (e.g. worship) and theology (e.g. through an enhanced understanding of God as Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer).
  3. Explore ways in which a Christian worldview adds new dimensions to our understanding of the evolutionary process. In other words, does evolutionary theory “look different” when examined through the lens of Christian commitments (e.g. altruism, human uniqueness, moral and religious cognition, directionality and purpose)?
  4. Address means of constructively engaging Christian communities on matters that concern them about the compatibility of evolution and theology.

Please explore the infographic below and the tabs at right to learn more about the program and to meet the grantees.

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