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  • Selfish Genes, Russian Dolls, and Christian Ethics

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    Selfish Genes, Russian Dolls, and Christian Ethics

    Frans de Waal rejects the “Veneer Theory” of Dawkins and others who see morality as an artificial addendum to a basically selfish world of competition. Rather, de Waal see... Read More >

  • Evolution, Morality, and Politics

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    Evolution, Morality, and Politics

    Michael J. DeMoor | The King's University, Edmonton, Alberta Evolutionary thought has become central not only to the natural sciences, but also to favored approaches to society, mora... Read More >

Human Origins

Divine Action

Barbara Bradley Hagerty, Journalist

I believe we are at a critical juncture in the life of modern Christianity: We can either acknowledge and embrace the challenges - and the insights - that science poses to faith, or we can run away from them. BioLogos, more than any other organization, is navigating this tricky and exciting terrain. I'm delighted to be associated with BioLogos' thoughtful inquiry in the mysteries of science and Christianity.

- Barbara Bradley Hagerty, Journalist
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