2015 BioLogos Conference


The Evolution and Christian Faith (ECF) conference, held June 30-July 2, 2015, in downtown Grand Rapids, was the culmination of our grant program of the same name. Over 250 people attended the conference and 150 joined by live stream.

The conference included a world-class lineup of plenary speakers whose expertise spanned a wide range of disciplines: theology, history, biology, paleontology, biblical studies, and ministry. In addition, there were five concurrent program tracks to choose from during the oral sessions.

We hope you are enriched as you explore the plenary lecture and the parallel oral session recordings. The conference was live tweeted using #ECF2015, so check out the Twitter record of the conference and tweet your own reflections as you do. Let’s keep the conversation going!

View the Program Booklet showing the schedule of events, speaker bios, and lecture abstracts.

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