Narrative Theology

In this video, Dr. Nancey Murphy, Professor of Christian Philosophy at Fuller Theological Seminary, discusses the strategies used by ancient writers to teach spiritual truths. Stories were a commonly used tool, especially when teaching about the nature of creation and the role of humanity in creation.

“My participation in BioLogos gatherings has profoundly benefited my pastoral leadership. Not only was I informed and inspired intellectually, but I was encouraged by being in the community of other spiritual leaders who desire to deepen their understanding and worship of the Creator.  I have used BioLogos materials and insights gained from the dialogue they foster, both in the conversations I have in church and the resources we produce to promote Creation Care (e.g. ) Yet the real benefit comes from normalizing the complementarity of science and scripture in our congregation.

- Pastor, Joel C. Hunter, Senior Pastor, Northland - A Church Distributed, Longwood, FL