Why the Church Must Not Ignore the Evidence with Kathryn Applegate

Why the Church Must Not Ignore the Evidence
Conversation with: Kathryn Applegate

In this video conversation, Kathryn Applegate, biologist and BioLogos program director of website development, discusses the implications for the church if we ignore scientific developments. To discuss this video, see the post "The Church Must Not Ignore the Evidence" on Science & the Sacred.

Video Transcription

We can't deny anymore or interpret things in other ways, whereas I think even 10 years ago, before the Genome and before a lot of the fossil findings have been made, there were a lot of open questions. There are some pretty severe implications for the church if we continue to avoid this topic of evolution, and of science more broadly, because this isn't just about evolution. I think it has implications for many bioethical issues and things that pastors have to confront within their congregations.

If we continue to avoid the topic and not really address it thoroughly, I see a lot of people leaving the church, feeling that there is a conflict, that they can't have a belief in rigorous science or a practice of rigorous science while at the same time being an orthodox believer. I see that the church has a major role in fostering that open spirit of looking into what's true. All truth is God's truth.

I think Christians want ultimately to be pro-science because they see how useful science is. It brings us all kinds of technology, it brings us all sorts of knowledge that is good in the world. So to have a large group of people who don't really understand how the scientific method works and how to distinguish what's real and what's not, it's hard, even for a working scientist. If I read outside of my own discipline, it can be hard and challenging, and all the more so for someone who has zero background in science.

I think that's where the BioLogos group is really doing a good service for the community. I think we need a lot more educational materials, especially for churches to be able to articulate what the various positions are and what the real science is at a layperson's level. That's really needed in the current culture wars.

Praveen Sethupathy, Assistant Professor in the Department of Genetics, UNC Chapel Hill

BioLogos is leading the way in setting the tone for thoughtful and productive dialogue on the topic of harmony between science and faith.  They are providing the much-needed space for wrestling with the tough questions of life with civility, integrity, and rigor.

- Praveen Sethupathy, Assistant Professor in the Department of Genetics, UNC Chapel Hill