Pastor Shiao Chong

I am Shiao Chong, a Christian Reformed Campus Minister serving at York University in Toronto. I have known BioLogos for a few years now, and have recently been more involved – attending its annual conference and writing a post for its blog.

As a campus minister, I have found that many university students struggle with the tensions and apparent conflicts between faith and science. BioLogos provides resources that help me, a campus minister, walk with my students in their faith struggles on the faith and science issues. I have referred students to BioLogos’ website for multiple resources.

The faith-versus-science dichotomy is very much alive at the campus I serve. Both Christian and non-Christian students are caught in this simplistic either-or framework, and I have found this to be an intellectual barrier to both holistic Christian discipleship and to evangelism. The work and examples of Christian scientists at BioLogos break down this barrier as students begin to see how science is not inherently an enemy to Christian faith, and may not even be used as such.

Therefore, I thank God for BioLogos’ work and ministry. It is a rare, but important, perspective and voice in the midst of loud clamors from the extreme ends of the faith and science debate. Hence, I ask that you support and ensure that this vital ministry continues its good work.


Pastor Shiao Chong
Chaplain & Director of Leadership, Culture and Christianity
A Recognized Student Club at York University, Toronto, Canada