Trinity Western University

Author(s): Terry Gray

Human evolution and population genetics studies that impinge on the historicity of Adam are questions that have received widespread attention recently in evangelical circles, largely due to increased information emanating from the Human Genome Project and other ongoing, large-scale genomics research. The increasing awareness of evolution and population genetics among evangelical Christians places pressure on pastors and lay leaders to offer informed guidance on these issues to their congregants. This is no small task, given the scientific and theological complexities that these subjects entail and the theological and pastoral sensitivities they require. While some good books on evolution and Christianity are available to help guide evangelicals, none at present offer joint expertise in genetics and New Testament theology, two key areas of the conversation. This project is for a joint-authored book on the evidence for evolution and population genetics, with informed theological reflection on how these issues interact with orthodox Christianity. Both authors are respected experts in their fields. Scot McKnight (Northern Seminary) is a New Testament theologian and historian of Christianity, and author of numerous commentaries, books, and the popular blog Jesus Creed. Dennis Venema (Trinity Western University) is a geneticist, cell biologist and frequent contributor to the science -- faith discussion, in part as a Senior Fellow of The BioLogos Foundation. Together, these authors propose to write a book targeted to pastors and lay people that combines their strengths in ways that previous books on evolution and Christianity have not been able to achieve, and speak to recent developments in the discussion that previous books have not addressed in detail.