Finding Darwin’s God

Published on April 03, 2007

Finding Darwin’s God Book Coverby Ken Miller
Harper Perennial, 2007

Miller, a scientist, seeks to reconcile the Judeo-Christian and the evolutionary origin stories.


“Miller, professor of biology at Brown University, believes firmly in evolution. He also believes in God-a belief not widely shared among scientists. Here he sets out to offer thoughts on how to reconcile the conflict many people see between the two positions. Evolution, he says, is a story of origins; so too is the Judeo-Christian creation story. ‘The conflict between these two versions of our history is real, and I do not doubt for a second that it needs to be addressed. What I do not believe is that the conflict is unresolvable.’ Laying out the positions with care and clarity, he offers his resolution: ‘As more than one scientist has said, the truly remarkable thing about the world is that it actually does make sense. The parts fit, the molecules interact, the darn thing works. To people of faith, what evolution says is that nature is complete. God fashioned a material world in which truly free, truly independent beings could evolve.’ ” – Scientific American (via Amazon)