Image Journal Special Issue: Evolution and the Imago Dei

Image Journal Special Issue: Evolution and the Imago Dei Book CoverYou will find essays, poetry, art, and fiction in this special issue of the Image journal on the interactions between faith and science, with a special nod to evolution. Some may ask, “What role exists for art in this conversation?” The editor explains, “For some, faith and science are competing systems of thought, and an intellectually responsible person must make a choice between them, especially when it comes to questions about the origins and development of life. For others, faith and science each have a place, but can have nothing to say to each other because they operate in entirely separate spheres. It is our hope that art, with its capacity for metaphor, can translate between these schools.”

Two study guides have been produced to accompany this issue, one for use in undergraduate classroom settings, and one for churches.

Be sure to check out: No Better to Place to End by Brian Volck and Ecologies of Knowing by Mark Sprinkle.

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