Genesis of Perfection

Gary Anderson Gary Anderson

by Gary A. Anderson
Westminster John Knox Press, 2002
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Anderson offers a rich, balanced look at how creation has been understood in both Judaism and Christianity.



“Considering the richness and depth of Anderson’s exposition of the interpretation of the Genesis 1:26-4:2 narrative in rabbinic, patristic, literary, liturgical, and artistic sources, it is remarkable how he is able to encapsulate the argument so succinctly. Anderson could stop here, mission accomplished. Fortunately, Anderson has invited his readers to delight in the diverse and entertaining details of the argument."

"Naturally, Anderson’s most significant contribution from the perspective of readers of this journal is his utilization of Ephrem and other Syriac and Eastern Christian writers as primary witnesses to a topic of universal interest. Of course, a plea could be heard for integrating more examples from Syriac literature and tradition, but Anderson’s efforts have been appropriately balanced. Other scholars will fill in the gaps and addenda in time. Hopefully, this work will open the gates for other monographs on Biblical, theological, and historical themes that will introduce the scholarly and general public to the wealth of the East. ” – Robert A. Kitchen, Knox-Metropolitan United Church