Christian Schools International curriculum

Though the materials contain no evolutionary content, they call Christians to embrace science recognizing that through science we come to learn more about God and his world. (Christian, K-8, for schools)

Their goal is “to help students see God’s hand in the world around them.” For middle school students, texts cover life science, physical science and earth science. In the opening chapter of the Life Science text, the authors point to a healthy perspective on the study of science for Christians:

"Some Christians are suspicious of science. They believe science tries to do away with God or that people will depend on scientific solutions to their problems instead of on God. Other Christians don’t trust science because some scientific theories (such as evolution) disagree with the literal interpretation of Genesis. Still other Christians worry that some scientific advancements (such as cloning) allow us to make decisions that belong only to God. But Christians should embrace science. Science is the systematic study of creation using methods based on observation and experimentation. In fact, God calls many Christians to be scientists. Science helps Christians to better understand God and his world by observing, experimenting, and finding relationships among the things of the world."

There is currently no mention of evolution in CSI’s materials, but the Earth Science text includes discussion about radioactive dating methods and other methods that point to the earth being around 3.9 billion to 4.6 billion years old. They also point to the scientific consensus that the universe itself is quite old. In the opening to the chapter on “The Universe” we read,

"God is the Creator and Sustainer of this vast universe of galaxies, galaxy clusters, and superclusters…The Bible tells us that God spoke and brought creation into being—it does not tell us what methods God used to create the universe. Some Christians believe that when God spoke creation into being, in a human instant it looked very similar to what it looks like now. Studying God’s creation, however, suggests that God created the universe through a longer process billions of years ago. Most astronomers and scientists believe that the universe is ancient…based on their findings, they propose that the universe is 10-16 billion years old."

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