Biology Curriculum

Ken Miller and Joe Levine Ken Miller and Joe Levine

Published by Prentice Hall and authored by Ken Miller and Joe Levine. This material contains extensive coverage of evolution and has been widely used, including in Christian schools and by homeschooling families wanting thorough science content. (Secular, high school, primarily for schools)

This substantial text presents in-depth coverage of biology, including many chapters on evolution, and has come to be one of the most respected and widely used high school biology texts in the U.S.. It has been used in many different settings including public schools, private schools (including Christian schools), and by homeschooling families wanting the most complete presentation of biology available. The newest edition has a macaw on the front, but many find the dragonfly book still highly useful and copies tend to be cheaper (these books are often referred to by what’s on the cover—“the dragonfly book” or “the macaw book”). The text’s accompanying websites house supplemental resources for teachers and students including interesting videos created by Untamed Science to heighten student interest and understanding of one concept from each chapter and extensive author notes for each chapter. Also see Miller and Levine’s site for numerous resources and articles including general science news as well as their perspective on teaching evolution in a climate of controversy. Dr. Miller is a man of faith who has been vocal in his support of the teaching of evolution.

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