What is Evolution?

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There is often some confusion about what is meant when evolution is brought up. Read about our understanding including discussion of common ancestry, random processes and more. This article is just one of many in our Common Questions collection – a great starting place when considering important questions like: How is BioLogos’ perspective different from evolutionism, Intelligent Design, and young-earth creationism? What does the fossil record show? How could humans have evolved and still be created in the image of God? And much, much, more!

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Bishop Claude Alexander, Senior Pastor of The Park Church

BioLogos provides a space where followers of Christ across the disciplines of science and religion are able to affirm their shared belief in and worship of God as the creator of all that is, and their common concern for the proper stewardship of God's creation in a manner that appreciates the integrity of their disciplines and the authenticity of their faith communities.

Through its programs, the points of intersection between science and biblical faith, along with the tensions and challenges, are explored in a collegial fashion that leads all to an enhanced wonder of God and ability to communicate effectively the harmony that is found in them.

- Bishop Claude Alexander, Senior Pastor of The Park Church