Test of Faith: Does Science Threaten Belief in God? DVD Resource

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Details about this resource are found in the “Resources for Adults” section above. A Youth Leader’s Guide is available for leading groups of young people ages 11-14 and 14-18. Each session creates space for young people to explore the issues, express their thoughts, and learn about how the Bible relates to the issues. A free downloadable homeschool curriculum, “Science and Christianity: An Introductory Course for Homeschoolers” is also available that uses key portions of the Test of Faith video. The curriculum can be used in a 3-8 week session format and defends belief in God against claims that modern science eliminates the plausibility of religious faith.

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Os Guinness, Author and Social Critic

A wise, constructive rapprochement between faith and science is one of the world’s urgent needs, and this need will only intensify as the global era raises a host of new ethical issues. Few people have the expertise, wisdom, and prestige to make such a contribution. I welcome BioLogos warmly.

- Os Guinness, Author and Social Critic