Science Education Supplemental Online Materials

View additional science education supplemental materials on science education from AAAS, PBS, Bio Interactive and many more.

The AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) offers Science NetLinks which is a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education resource with numerous teaching tools, lessons, videos, podcasts, science news articles and more. is one of the most widely used and respected sources for everything having to do with evolution.

PBS’s evolution site contains numerous resources for students and teachers. was developed by the American Institute of Biological Sciences and offers numerous educator resources (including full lesson plans) for middle school through undergraduate courses. You will find a good variety of materials listed by topics such as: biodiversity, biotechnology, the environment, evolution, and genomics.

Untamed Science houses numerous science videos aimed at students which are being used throughout the U.S. for elementary as well as upper level students. includes tons of instructional videos (sort of in the same vein as Khan Academy videos but with full color visuals and the instructor’s face on-screen) on all sorts of science topics, including numerous videos on the science of evolution. You will also find supplemental materials like concept maps, review sheets, and slideshows. The educator in the videos is Paul Andersen who taught science in Montana for 20 years. Now he works as an educational consultant and creator of YouTube science videos seen by millions. offers various science teaching and learning tools on all sorts of topics from biology, light and motion, to chemistry and geology.

Becoming Human contains a cool interactive timeline with fossils spanning 7 million years of human development. This site (produced by Michigan State University faculty) provides educational resources for teaching evolution through the use of case studies. PowerPoint slides (with notes) are included as well as a few games and simulation activities.

Introduction to Human Evolution (part of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History) contains evolution evidences as well as resources for teachers and students. includes several interesting videos about scientists, including people like Newton and Galileo as well as Stephen Hawking.

Khan Academy houses numerous science videos including several related to evolution, natural selection, and variation in species.

The official website of the Hubble Space Telescope with links to other NASA educational resources.

Bio Interactive (part of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute) is devoted to providing educational materials for science teachers and students on various topics including evolution.

The National Association of Biology Teachers houses resources for educators and students on various topics as well as information on conferences and student competition opportunities which include homeschoolers.

Tim O'Connor, Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University

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- Tim O'Connor, Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University