No Fear with Os Guinness

No Fear
Conversation with: Os Guinness

In this video Conversation, Os Guinness discusses the need for bridging the gap between science and faith for a group that he calls the “missing middle”.  Guinness notes that this “missing middle” group needs intelligible, thoughtful, and practical ways to integrate their understanding of science and Christian faith.

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Video Transcription

My constituency is not the academic world. I work in what I call the missing middle, taking serious ideas and trying to make them intelligible and practicable to ordinary folk. But I would start with an assumption of the confidence in truth, and therefore no fear, so we can explore any issue. I think we need to relate our faith to all sorts of issues, whether it's politics or law or economics.

I'm fascinated currently with globalization, which is creating problems for humanness the world's never faced. The next generation is going to face unprecedented challenges, but we, as followers of Jesus, have no fear in looking into any of that. Some of the things blow up in our faces and they're huge, but as I say, God is greater than all, and God may be trusted, his truth may be trusted in all situations.

I love the little phrase of George Whitfield, who was in the First Awakening. He said once, "I'm never better than when I'm on the full stretch for God." And I've found whether in philosophy or in my own field, social sciences, when you plunge into something that looks incredibly challenging, at first it looks as if it's going to threaten your faith and call it into question, but if you explore it and begin to understand it, you always come out of the other end with a deeper faith and with deeper worship and a deeper confidence in God, and I think Christians have to do that with science today.

We have got, within the next generation, to get over this terrible polarization between science and faith. It is no credit to God, it is no credit to the scriptures, and I would say, "Shame on those for perpetuating this miserable polarization." It is time to put it behind us.

Pastor, Joel C. Hunter, Senior Pastor, Northland - A Church Distributed, Longwood, FL

“My participation in BioLogos gatherings has profoundly benefited my pastoral leadership. Not only was I informed and inspired intellectually, but I was encouraged by being in the community of other spiritual leaders who desire to deepen their understanding and worship of the Creator.  I have used BioLogos materials and insights gained from the dialogue they foster, both in the conversations I have in church and the resources we produce to promote Creation Care (e.g. ) Yet the real benefit comes from normalizing the complementarity of science and scripture in our congregation.

- Pastor, Joel C. Hunter, Senior Pastor, Northland - A Church Distributed, Longwood, FL