Moving Pastors Toward Science

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This project, led by Craig Story and Justin Topp, is entitled "Pastors, Faith and Science" and has the goal of equipping pastors with tools to approach issues of science and faith with greater confidence. Story and Topp held a conference for pastors in July 2014 which was covered in this article from WGBH Boston. Story and Topp’s project was one of many supported by the BioLogos grant program, Evolution & Christian Faith. View the project's website here.

Os Guinness, Author and Social Critic

A wise, constructive rapprochement between faith and science is one of the world’s urgent needs, and this need will only intensify as the global era raises a host of new ethical issues. Few people have the expertise, wisdom, and prestige to make such a contribution. I welcome BioLogos warmly.

- Os Guinness, Author and Social Critic