Jesus, Creator and Redeemer (Sermon)


In this sermon, Dr. Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor at Northland Church (Longwood, FL) focuses on Jesus’ role as Creator, specifically highlighting how God as Creator sheds light on the compatible relationship between science and Christianity. Framing the conversation in terms of Lenten transformation, his main points are that (1) genuine transformation requires refocusing and training our attention on the reality that God is everywhere and (2) since God, “the Creator of creation who is still resident in creation,” is indeed everywhere, science and faith are compatible. This is true because “Science is simply the study of Creation. It’s the study of what God has done and how he does it.” Thus, Dr. Hunter calls the church to see science as an asset to Christianityan avenue for seeing Creation, and thus God, more clearlyrather than as an enemy or a burden to the faith.

To support his claims, Dr. Hunter draws from Scripture (including John 1:1-3; Col. 1:19-23; Rom. 1:19-20; and Col. 1:16:17 ), as well as the testimony of dedicated scientists who are also faithful believers.

Tim O'Connor, Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University

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- Tim O'Connor, Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University