Divine Hiddenness and Constraints on Creation


The fact that God has chosen to remain hidden to a significant extent can, and should, be usefully employed by Christians to respond to the frequently-heard claim that evolutionary biology strongly supports atheism. If God must remain hidden, then one should expect Him to create gradually. Topics that must be addressed include the extent of the hiddenness that is required, biological versions of the philosophical “problem of evil,” and plausible reasons God may have for remaining so hidden.

N.T. Wright, Former Bishop of Durham

Christians and secularists alike are in danger of treating 'Darwin vs the Bible' as just another battlefront in the polarized 'culture wars'. This grossly misrepresents both science and faith. BioLogos not only shows that there is an alternative, but actually models it. God's world and God's word go together in a rich, living harmony.

- N.T. Wright, Former Bishop of Durham