A Garden and a Tree - John Ortberg

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Follow the link to view a sermon delivered by Pastor John Ortberg of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in Menlo Park, CA.

In this sermon, Pastor Ortberg sheds new light on the meaning of Genesis 1 by bringing his 21st century listeners back into the text’s ancient cultural context. Through this, we can have a greater appreciation for God’s message of his sovereignty and care over all of his creation. The work of Old Testament scholar John Walton is also referenced.

N.T. Wright, Former Bishop of Durham

Christians and secularists alike are in danger of treating 'Darwin vs the Bible' as just another battlefront in the polarized 'culture wars'. This grossly misrepresents both science and faith. BioLogos not only shows that there is an alternative, but actually models it. God's world and God's word go together in a rich, living harmony.

- N.T. Wright, Former Bishop of Durham