A Year at BioLogos: Media Intern Reflections

Nathan Mulder
On August 22, 2019

    My time as BioLogos Media Intern is coming to an end. This spring I graduated from Calvin College, leaving campus with a B.A. in Film and Media Studies and Philosophy. Next week I move to Madison, Wisconsin to begin graduate school—my first exploratory step toward becoming a film professor. Beginning the next chapter of my education also requires ending my chapter with this organization.

    While working at BioLogos, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide array of projects. As my departure approaches, I have been mulling over everything that has happened over the past year. Several projects I worked on emerged as particularly significant, both to me in particular and to the work of BioLogos. By helping prepare the new BioLogos website, develop the podcast, and share the highlights of our conference, I felt like I was participating in something worth sharing.

    The New Website

    When I first joined the team last September, I cut my teeth sifting through thousands of articles and transferring them to the new website. The work was tedious and at times had me wondering what I had done to earn the same fate as Sisyphus, but one day the rock stayed—the website was done. When the final product was finally launched in January, I was immensely satisfied with what we had accomplished. The new website is clean, eminently readable, and adjusts to our needs much better than the previous one did.

    But satisfaction wasn’t the only way I benefited from auditing old BioLogos content. I found that hidden behind our front page is a plethora of valuable articles no longer receiving the attention their quality demands. To get a taste of these evergreen materials, read Dennis Venema on the purpose of evolutionary mechanisms, Sarah Bodbyl Roels on recent dinosaur fossil discoveries, and N.T. Wright for an investigation into Biblical authority.

    Nate Mulder sitting at his desk while editing a podcast episode

    Language of God Podcast

    Another mainstay of my work was helping with the Language of God podcast. What began as a nebulous idea and a crowdfunding campaign blossomed into a full first season of difficult questions and rich conversation. I particularly enjoyed hearing and working on the episodes featuring theologian Bethany Sollereder and paleoanthropologist Rick Potts.

    One of the things I love most about the podcast is its ability to explore difficult topics with experts in ways I (a non-expert) can understand and enjoy, without sacrificing rigor in content. Season 2 will begin soon after my departure, and I’m excited for our audience to explore the conversations we’ve been poring over the past few months.

    2019 BioLogos Conference

    One of my favorite memories of this year was getting to attend our 2019 conference in Baltimore. We got to visit the National Aquarium and sit in on excellent plenaries by speakers like Justo González, Jennifer Wiseman, and Bethany Sollereder. After every presentation I found myself and others chatting excitedly about what we’d just heard.

    It’s for that reason that I was so pleased to be able to work on producing short videos of these talks, highlighting excerpts that our staff found especially noteworthy and insightful. You can find these excerpts, along with the full recordings of these presentations, on our videos page.

    In sum, it’s been a great year at BioLogos. I benefitted not only from the great programs running here but also from the staff’s welcoming community. The same warmth and graciousness which exudes from their work also lives in our Grand Rapids office. And while I am excited to begin my life as a graduate student, I know the absence of this community will lead me, a little homesick, back to the work of BioLogos.

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    Nathan Mulder
    About the Author

    Nathan Mulder

    Nathan Mulder is a 2019 graduate of Calvin College in Film and Media Studies and Philosophy. He was the BioLogos Media Intern in 2018 and 2019. He is currently enrolled in a graduate film studies program in Wisconsin.