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April Maskiewicz Cordero

Thanks to BioLogos, I now have a community where I feel welcome as a Christian and as a Biologist who accepts evolution. It’s been a long lonely journey, and I am very thankful for the BioLogos community.

April Maskiewicz Cordero, Teacher

If you are looking for educational resources that teach mainstream science and/or present a fruitful dialogue between science and the Bible, here are some resources worth exploring. Some of those featured are from BioLogos, some from like-minded organizations, and others from places around the web. We periodically update this page, so check back regularly to see what’s new!


Biology curricula from Christian publishers are often weak on science, while secular curricula don’t address how modern biology can fit with biblical faith. BioLogos INTEGRATE explores biology from a Christian worldview and presents a positive science-faith paradigm for students.

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