Dr. Joshua Reichard

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Assistant Superintendent, Valley Christian Schools, Youngstown, Ohio

"The time has come for Christian schools to teach biology from a scientifically credible and distinctively Christian perspective. We must encourage students to run toward science, not away from it. BioLogos INTEGRATE uniquely addresses a long-neglected curricular need for Christian schools who are serious about preparing their graduates for critical and constructive engagement in science for college, career, and beyond."


Kara Kits

Science Teacher, Grand Rapids Christian High School, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Christian educators have a unique opportunity to help students make connections between their faith and what they are learning. At times, that can seem daunting, especially in biology class. BioLogos INTEGRATE is a great resource that makes my job easier."

Nate Adema

Science Teacher, Grandville Calvin Christian High School, Grandville, Michigan

"There has always been a dearth of materials for Christian school science teachers that connects mainstream science and Christianity.  BioLogos INTEGRATE fills that void with quality resources that are accessible and relevant for today's high school students.  This curriculum meets the needs of students who want to hold to their faith while pursuing cutting-edge science."