BioLogos INTEGRATE Endorsements

Christian School Teachers & Administrators

“BioLogos INTEGRATE was such a gift to use in combination with our standard curriculum for online learning when our students were sent home due to COVID-19. I was able to easily incorporate the activities into Nearpod presentations and Google Classroom, and the discussion questions were well suited for breaking students out into Zoom rooms from home. Through submitted student assignments, it was evident immediately that students were being challenged to think deeply and were growing in their faith through the process.”

—Kimberly Smith, Upper School Biology Teacher, Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill in North Carolina

Josh Reichard

The time has come for Christian schools to teach biology from a scientifically credible and distinctively Christian perspective. We must encourage students to run toward science, not away from it. BioLogos INTEGRATE uniquely addresses a long-neglected curricular need for Christian schools who are serious about preparing their graduates for critical and constructive engagement in science for college, career, and beyond.

Joshua Reichard, President/CEO, Omega Graduate School, American Centre for Religion/Society Studies and Licensed School Superintendent, Dayton, TN

“Christian educators have a unique opportunity to help students make connections between their faith and what they are learning. At times, that can seem daunting, especially in biology class. BioLogos INTEGRATE is a great resource that makes my job easier.”

—Kara Kits, Science Teacher, Grand Rapids Christian High School, Grand Rapids, MI

Home Educators

“BioLogos INTEGRATE is a promising tool that will help students experience how science fits with God’s wonderful creation.”

—M. Deveaux, Home Educator, Springfield, GA

Lisa Strite

Integrating science and faith is so important for our teenagers as they are trying to form a cohesive worldview. Yet it is difficult to find a curriculum that addresses both in an intellectually fulfilling way. INTEGRATE encourages the thinking and exploration that lead to a robust understanding of God’s world and his word. Instead of providing pat answers to questions, this curriculum encourages students to think through hard questions that don’t always have easy answers.

Lisa Strite, Home Educator, Apex, NC

“INTEGRATE provided the structure I needed to have the kinds of conversations I wanted to have with my teenagers. Graciousness is woven into this unique curriculum, and that graciousness became a guiding principle for our conversations. INTEGRATE has organized all the data and lesson plans into an easy, open-and-go format. I’m thankful for all the fruitful discussions we were able to have, and I appreciated the presence of so many additional resources, should the students want to explore the ideas further.”

—Elizabeth Trotter, Missionary and Home Educator, Cambodia

Bible Scholars, Pastors, & Theologians

“Integrating Christian faith and mainstream science has both a venerable history and a strategic importance today. The BioLogos INTEGRATE curriculum exhibits both brilliant content and pedagogical excellence.”

—Greg Cootsona, Lecturer of Comparative Religion and Humanities, California State University at Chico; Co-Director, Science for the Church, Chico, CA

John Walton

We will give students a great gift if we can provide an integrated worldview where God’s Word and God’s world can both be seen in all their glory, and understood with every tool at our disposal. I know of no better curriculum to accomplish this than BioLogos INTEGRATE.

John Walton, Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

“I teach at a Christian college. As a parent, I have both public-schooled and home-schooled kids in the home. The INTEGRATE curriculum is the resource I wish my students had in high school, and what my own kids will get to go through. Though it’s geared for high school, I also plan to use parts of it in my Genesis class when we discuss Christian views on creation. It offers a positive Christian posture toward science generally, and handles with grace and sensitivity the topic of evolution. Evidence is treated fairly, creatively, and appropriately for its target audience. Instructors will find this curriculum a welcomed resource alongside others.”

—Kenneth Turner, Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages, Toccoa Falls College, Toccoa Falls, GA


“It is well known that young people are leaving the church in record numbers and at record speed. The so-called ‘conflict’ between Christianity and modern science is a significant factor that contributes to this exodus. BioLogos INTEGRATE corrects this misguided perception and demonstrates to young people a peaceful and fruitful relationship between Christian faith and science, including evolutionary science. I highly recommend INTEGRATE.”

—Denis Lamoureux, Professor of Science & Religion, St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta Edmonton, Edmonton, Canada

David Lahti

“BioLogos INTEGRATE carefully and powerfully unpacks a Christian worldview as it meets evolution and the scientific study of life. It unabashedly fosters a solid biological understanding but deepens and enriches it with the perspective of faith.”

David Lahti, Associate Professor of Biology, Queens College, City University of New York, New York City, NY

“BioLogos INTEGRATE is desperately needed in today’s ever-evolving landscape. There is a severe lack of resources for science-minded Christians that are consistent with our best science and faithful to a Christian worldview. With resources like these, I have greater hope that we can help overturn Christianity’s anti-science reputation.

—Matthew Pevarnik, Assistant Professor of Science and Mathematics, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA


Education Researchers & Thought Leaders

These materials are fantastic, and I am confident they are going to be a blessing to many students and teachers!”

—David Mulder, Associate Professor of Education, Dordt University, Sioux Center, IA

Betsy Leong

Curricula like this are rare. INTEGRATE both upholds the rigor of the science content, while also pushing students to examine what this content means in relation to their faith. I think any teacher or parent looking to infuse their high school science teaching with the integration of faith and learning should look here.

Betsy Leong, Instructor of Education and STEM Outreach Coordinator, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

“Schools need resources that enable students to take science seriously and take faith seriously, and not feel that the relationship between the two is a zero-sum game. This is the need that INTEGRATE is addressing, and students and teachers alike will find helpful pathways to learning.”

—David Smith, Professor and Director of the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning, Calvin University, Grand Rapids, MI