About Integrate

INTEGRATE is a flexible resource designed for educators or parents who wish to supplement an introductory high school biology course with explicitly Christian worldview instruction.

What is BioLogos INTEGRATE?

Many parents and teachers do not have the time or wide-ranging expertise to find, evaluate, and choose from the many resources available on science/faith topics. INTEGRATE is the BioLogos response to many requests for an instructional tool that does the work for busy educators, compiling expertly vetted information and quality resources in a user-friendly, modular teachers’ guide.

INTEGRATE is primarily designed with the needs of Christian school teachers and homeschool teachers in mind. It could also be used at home by parents whose children attend schools where it is unlikely many of the topics covered by the INTEGRATE curriculum will be addressed. Instructors who teach in public schools may also find it a valuable resource for classroom activities that deal with the reliability of scientific evidence and the ethical questions science raises. The flexible, modular design allows teachers to quickly identify the kinds of activities that best suit their goals, time constraints, and students’ interests.

What makes INTEGRATE unique?

  • Teaching materials that are sensitive to the concerns and questions of Christian students
  • Reliable and accurate scientific information reviewed by qualified scientists who are Christians
  • Engaging hands-on science activities developed by professional educators
  • Opportunities to reflect on areas of science that relate to interpretation of Scripture and Christian doctrine
  • Interviews with Christian role models who are professional scientists and scholars
  • Reflection and practice of Christian virtues in every unit
  • Alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) where applicable

What is BioLogos?

INTEGRATE is a project of BioLogos, which invites the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith as we present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation. At BioLogos we believe the Bible is the authoritative and inspired word of God. We also believe that the methods of science are an important and reliable means to investigate and describe the world God has made. Accordingly, INTEGRATE presents areas of scientific consensus like evolution and climate change. Since these are challenging topics for many Christians, and most classrooms will contain a variety of views, we discuss other Christian perspectives respectfully and encourage gracious dialogue.

Have more questions?

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The BioLogos INTEGRATE project was made possible through the support of grants from the John Templeton Foundation and TBF Foundation. The opinions expressed on this site are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of either foundation. We are also grateful for financial support from the Rainbow Foundation and from individual supporters.

We also thank Sarah Bodbyl Roels and Mitchell Prins for providing photos from their personal collections that appear on some INTEGRATE pages.