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Why Trust Science?

For centuries, science has increased our understanding of the world around us, yet for some, science feels untrustworthy.So how do we discern when science is credible?

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Science, Medicine & Ethics

Science and medicine have brought about many amazing advances that can help alleviate suffering but new technologies also bring with them questions.

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Digging Deeper: A Testimony

Instead of rejecting his faith or turning away from science, Garrett kept digging into science and the Word.

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Choosing Science & God: A Testimony

Just as April Cordero was falling in love with biology, she was told that she would have to choose between religion and the science she was studying.

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More Than Your Genes

Science can help us understand how our species came to be but it cannot define our purpose for being.

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God's Word, God's World

Recently a line has been drawn between faith and science. But must we choose either one or the other?

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Francis Collins: A Testimony

Francis Collins tells the story of his conversion from atheism to faith as a young doctor.

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For Us, Not To Us

The Bible was written for us, to speak to us in our modern context, but it was not originally written to us.

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Why Should Christians Care for Creation?

Christians should care for creation because of our love for others, our love for God, and our hope for the future.

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Evolution & God

There is an abundant variety of life on earth, but how did it come about? Some say it is evolution and others say that it was by divine decree. What if both are true?

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