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We at BioLogos are grateful for the many friends we have across the world. Our community is growing fast, thanks in large part to the collective advocacy of our network. Below are some ways you can contribute to the BioLogos mission in your local or online community.  

Share BioLogos with your friends

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, and like/share/retweet/comment on our posts.  Most people encounter BioLogos for the first time on these platforms, and your engagement amplifies our reach.

Help us keep the Online Forum thoughtful and civil. The Forum is a great place to discuss a recent article or start a brand-new thread. BioLogos staff and scholars in our community frequently chime in, and volunteer moderators encourage participants to stay on topic and be kind. But we can’t do it alone. We need your voice, your experience, and your listening ear.

Check out our Small Group Resources, or choose one of our recommended books to read with friends.  BioLogos hosted online book clubs for The Language of God, Origins, and The Lost World of Genesis One, so there are study questions, videos, and other supplementary materials available for these books.

Bring a friend to a BioLogos event. BioLogos leaders and friends speak frequently on science and faith at churches, universities, and conferences around the world. Also, don’t miss the next BioLogos Conference!

You can also organize your own event featuring a BioLogos speaker. The BioLogos Voices speakers bureau includes some of the top scientists and scholars in the BioLogos community, with expertise spanning theology, biblical studies, genetics, geology, astronomy, history, philosophy, education, and more.

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If you’ve been impacted by BioLogos, please let us know—you can send us your story by emailing With your permission we may use it to encourage others.    

Pray for our ministry

Pray for our staff and community. Our staff works hard to reach out to those struggling with questions of faith and science and would appreciate your prayers as we answer emails, post articles, and speak to audiences through the U.S. and abroad.

Pray for scientists and science-minded skeptics of Christianity. Many scientists are open to faith but are concerned that accepting Christ will mean rejecting clear scientific evidence. Pray that they will meet Christian colleagues and resources who demonstrate that faith goes hand-in-hand with science.

Pray for students. Many Christian high school, college, and graduate students are encountering the scientific evidence for evolution for the first time. Pray that they will find mentors and resources to show them how to make sense of the science in a way that deepens their faith.

Consider a gift

Our programs and general operations depend critically on the financial support of our generous donors. Support BioLogos today!

Volunteer your time

Do you have special skills we could use, or do you live near the BioLogos offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan? If so please contact us! We love our volunteers.


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