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Have you found BioLogos resources helpful? Are you excited about the dialogue happening at BioLogos? Do you want to help the church and the world see the rich harmony between science and biblical faith? Here are a few things you can do to make a difference. Contact us for more information. 

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Has a particular author, speaker, or web article made a difference in your life? Have you changed your thinking on creation, evolution, and the Bible? We'd love to hear your story and, with your permission, perhaps use it to encourage others.

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Many insightful conversations happen after people read our blog posts. We'd love to hear your questions and insights; visit our Forum to join the dialogue.

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BioLogos leaders and friends speak frequently on science and Christianity, at churches, universities, and conferences around the country and the world. Check our events page to find upcoming opportunities in your area.

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If you'd like a BioLogos leader to speak at your church, campus, or conference, contact us at Also check out recommended speakers list to learn more about the BioLogos leaders and scholars.

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Email us to request brochures to share at your church or event.

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Each fall and spring the BioLogos community joins together to read a recent book on science and faith. Read along with us, or get your friends or church organized to read and discuss the book together. Click here to view BioLogos resources.

Pray for Christian Students

Many Christian high school, college, and graduate students are encountering the scientific evidence for evolution for the first time. Pray that they will find mentors and resources to show them how evolution can fit with biblical faith.

Pray for Scientists Seeking Faith

Many scientists are open to faith but are concerned that accepting Christ will mean rejecting clear scientific evidence. Pray that they will meet Christian colleagues and resources who demonstrate that faith goes hand-in-hand with science.

Pray for Our Staff and Community

Our staff works hard to reach out to those struggling with questions of faith and science and would appreciate your prayers as we answer emails, post articles, and speak to audiences through the U.S. and abroad.

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Live near the BioLogos offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan? We have a variety of tasks for volunteers in our office. Contact us for more information.


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