Francis Collins at the BioLogos Conference
Francis Collins: Founder of BioLogos

Francis Collins is one of the world’s leading scientists and geneticists, and founded BioLogos upon publishing his book, The Language of God.

A Good and Faithful Servant

About Dr. Francis Collins

Francis Collins is one of the world’s leading scientists and geneticists. After heading an international collaboration that first mapped the entire human genome, he was appointed to Director of the National Institutes of Health in 2008, where he has been overseeing the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2006, Collins wrote the best-selling book The Language of God. It tells the story of his journey from atheism to Christian belief, showing that science actually enhances faith. The tremendous response to the book prompted Collins to found BioLogos—an organization that reaches millions around the world, where he is now a Senior Fellow.

Francis Collins speaking at BioLogos Conference in 2019

When BioLogos got started there really wasn’t much discussion about how you could put rigorous science, particularly about biology which meant the science of evolution, together with serious dedication to the truths of Scripture.

BioLogos - Francis Collins
Francis Collins on founding of BioLogos

Francis Collins: A Testimony

In this video, Francis Collins tells the story of his conversion from atheism to faith as a young doctor. As he began a journey looking for evidence of God, he expected only to strengthen his atheism. Instead he encountered Jesus and made the decision to follow him.


Francis Collins Wins Templeton Prize

Francis Collins was awarded the Templeton Prize on Thursday, September 24. This prestigious prize, one of the largest annual awards given to an individual, recognizes “exemplary achievements” in “harnessing the power of the sciences to explore the deepest questions of the universe and humankind’s place and purpose within it.” (Photo: Chuck Kennedy, Templeton Foundation)

Francis Collins awarded Templeton Prize

For me, as a believer who’s also a scientist, the vaccine seems like a gift from God. This is God’s grace that has given us the ability to understand how this works, and to be able to design an approach. And it feels like God is giving us a chance to be his healers.

Francis Collins

N.T. Wright and Francis Collins sing “Genesis”

Watch as friends N.T. Wright and Francis Collins sing their re-written rendition of The Beatles’ “Yesterday” that they have titled “Genesis!”


Jane Goodall & Francis Collins | Being Human

silhouette of person looking at sky

Jane Goodall joins Francis Collins and our host Jim to talk about her life’s work, the importance of hope in conservation, and the spiritual side of human existence.

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silhouette of person looking at sky

Podcast Episode

Francis Collins | Finding a New Story

Collins sat down with us at his home to talk about his own journey in finding a harmony between faith and science and he shares stories of some of the people in his life who were influential in his conversion from atheism to Christianity.

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Podcast Episode

Francis Collins | Dig Deeper

In the second half of our conversation with Francis Collins he discusses the beginnings of BioLogos, which questions science can answer and which ones it cannot and the future of science—the exciting new horizons afforded by single-cell analysis, cryogenic electron microscopy, and treatments for genetic diseases.

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Podcast Episode

Tim Keller & Francis Collins | Where is God in a Pandemic?

Tim Keller joins Francis Collins in a conversation that includes updates on the latest COVID-19 research and much more.

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Podcast Episode

Francis Collins | Coronavirus Updates with NIH Director

Francis Collins answers questions from listeners about the current scientific knowledge of the virus and talks about how he views the pandemic through the lens of his own faith. 

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Podcast Episode

Francis Collins & David Anderson | How Christians Can End the Pandemic

Dr. Francis Collins and Dr. David Anderson join in conversation about how Christians can bring about the end of the pandemic.

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Podcast Episode

N.T. Wright & Francis Collins | A Christian Response to Coronavirus

Amid a surge in COVID-19 cases across the country, what should be the Christian response? Bible scholar N.T. Wright and BioLogos founder Francis Collins, ponder this question and more. 

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In a world which often pits the ‘Book of Nature’ against the ‘Book of Scripture,’ Dr. Collins stands alongside other luminaries like Galileo who were able to synthesize both into a coherent whole.

Doug, Language of God reader

Stories of Impact: Tom and Rachel

Tom and Rachel share their faith journey after reading Francis Collins’ The Language of God.

We encourage you read more stories from those impacted by the work of Dr. Collins!