2017 BioLogos Breakout Sessions

Below you will find an audio link to many of the breakout sessions from the 2017 BioLogos Conference: Christ & Creation.

Note: Unfortunately, due to restrictions, some breakout sessions are unavailable. 


Genesis 1-3 and Evolution



Denis Lamoureux An Overview of Evolution: Scripture and Nature Says Yes  
Timothy Sansbury The Missing Link Between Science and the Existence of Adam and Eve  
Alexander Saleh Functions, Genesis, and the Philosophy of Biology  


Dialogue and Witness


S. Joshua Swamidass The First Calling of Christians in Science


Science and Faith on the Campus



Amanda Nichols
Len Feuerhelm
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Science & Christianity  
Oscar Gonzalez God in the Biology Classroom: Opportunities to Discuss Faith and Science  


Science and Faith in the Church



Jennifer Secki Shields Bringing the Faith-Science Dialogue into Sunday Morning Programming: A Case Study  
Dan Bolger How Black and Latino Christians View the Impact of Science Education on Religious Faith  
John Van Sloten Preaching Supernovas, Neurons, and Knees as Text  


Science, the Bible, and Theology



Ted Davis Why Christianity is Good for Science  
Tremper Longman III Can Science Help Us to Read the Bible Better?  
Jonathan Bryan The Whole World an Icon of God: Sacramental Theology in the Science/Faith Dialogue  


Evolution and Humanity: Theological Issues



William Horst Does Paul Describe the Inception of Mortality in Romans  
Myron A. Penner Science and Naturalistic Explanations of Religious Belief  
Missy Deregibus Man as Moral Animal: Niebuhr's Theology of Transcendence and Recent Animal Studies  


Scientific Evidence



Loren Haarsma How Natural Laws and Random Events Create Information and Complexity  
Larry Funck Life's Origin: Is it Scientifically Explicable?  
Gregg Davidson Why Measurable 14C in Ancient Samples Does Not Support a Young Earth  


Science and Faith in Cultural Contexts



Lee Meadows Inquiry Reduces Evolution Conflict in Southern Public Schools  


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