Defending the Truth or Building a Stumbling Block?

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I was so happy, nestled on a couch between two good friends at our church’s annual women’s retreat. The speaker was describing a biblical approach to counseling. In particular, she emphasized our gifts as women for helping and nurturing. “We are life givers,” she said. “This goes all the way back to the Garden. The world wants to remove distinctions between men and women, and to remove our status as image bearers.” Amen, I thought. “Our story is that of Creation”, she went on. “What’s the world’s story for how we got here?” “Evolution!” a chorus of voices replied. I sighed and made eye contact with another biologist in the group. She looked like I felt—disappointed.

Update (18 May 2016):  This blog post has been truncated because its contents are now copyrighted in the book, How I Changed My Mind About Evolution. The book page and ordering info can be found here.




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