That’s a Wrap: Completion of the BioLogos Basics Video Series

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Soon after I started doing some work for BioLogos in 2013, I pitched the idea of doing a series of short animated videos that would give snappy introductions to our perspective on origins. It came to be called “BioLogos Basics”. The thought was to do one of these per month for 5 or 6 months. Well, here we are well into 2016… but I’m pleased to announce the series has finally been completed.

Yesterday we released the 10th video in the series, answering the question, “What’s the point?” That is, why do we care about this thing we call “evolutionary creation” so much that many of us have devoted our working hours (and, honestly, quite a few of our non-working hours) to spreading the news? You can find the video here on the A/V page (or by clicking the image above).

While you’re at it, review (or discover for the first time) the other videos in the series. They address topics like biblical interpretation, the age of the earth, and (of course) evolution. Each is between 2 and 3 minutes long—just about the perfect length to watch during commercials of the basketball games!

Of course, short videos don’t answer all the questions or deal with these topics comprehensively. But we think they are good first steps into the process. Below each video you can find other resources on the topics that draw you further into the resources on our website.

I’m grateful to the eight other narrators (besides myself), and for everyone who helped in reviewing the scripts. Most of all, thanks to Andrew DeSelm who did all of the computer animation for these.

We’d be happy to hear your reactions to the videos. Let’s talk in the comments section of this post.





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