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Back to the Future (1985)

In celebration of Back to the Future day this week, which portrays a 2015 in which everyone has a Mr. Fusion to power their flying cars, we thought we’d feature a real life Fusion Plasma Physicist.  Ian Hutchinson is Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT, where he runs a lab which develops plasmas they think will factor into the future of fusion reactors.  He is also a professing Christian who takes his faith seriously.  He has been active in science and faith dialogues among students and has written an accessible book on scientism called, Monopolizing Knowledge: A Scientist Refutes Religion-Denying, Reason-Destroying Scientism.

Hutchinson participated in the project by the National Association of Evangelicals, When God and Science Meet, contributing an article called, “Science as Christian Calling.”  The booklet is available for purchase or free download here.  Other articles from the booklet by Katharine and Douglas Hayhoe and Dorothy Boorse were previously published on the BioLogos blog.

This weekend’s long link is a 30 minute podcast interview that NAE president Leith Anderson conducted with Ian Hutchinson.  They cover topics from plasma physics and scientism, to Ian’s faith story and how pastors can support scientists in their congregations.  Download it and listen while you hoverboard this weekend (or more likely in the real 2015 for those of us where there are seasons, rake leaves).

Long link for October 23-25:  Leith Anderson interviewing Ian Hutchinson




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