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EDITOR'S NOTE: Our good friends at Fuller Theological Seminary have a great new program for budding theologians with an interest in the intersection of science and faith. Check it out! 

We would like to introduce you to the newest project from the Science, Theology, and Religion office (STAR) at Fuller Theological Seminary, TheoPsych: Bringing Theology to Mind. Twenty early to mid-career theologians will be invited to attend residential seminars around topics concerning human nature. These seminars will be convened by theologian Oliver Crisp and feature a number of psychological scientists including project leader Justin Barrett.

Click here to apply to the July 2019 seminar!

The seminar and application deadline dates are:

Seminar 1: “The Created and Fallen Image of God,” July 2019 -- Application deadline November 1, 2018

Seminar 2: “Completely Human, Completely Divine,” January 2020 -- Application deadline June 1, 2019 

Seminar 3: “Restoring Human Nature,” July 2020 -- Application deadline November 1, 2019 

STAR believes that psychological science and theology combined will do more to advance spiritual progress than simply the study of theology in isolation from this science. Their hope is that the integration of these two approaches to knowledge will bring about new insights, new questions, and new discoveries. The overarching questions driving this project are: Can engagement with psychological sciences help theologians make new discoveries and contribute to spiritual progress? and, What new insights concerning human nature may be discovered when theology and psychological science are brought together?

You can find more information on the STAR website or e-mail with any questions you have.




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