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BioLogos began as a website that addressed questions Francis Collins was frequently asked in response to his 2006 book, The Language of God. Even today the Common Questions section of our website receives more traffic than any other part, as thousands of people each day land on them from Google searches. Try typing into your search engine phrases like, “What is the evidence for evolution?” or “Were Adam and Eve actual historical persons?” or “Evolution and the image of God” and see what Common Questions pages appear in the search results. We’re very pleased that so many people are finding our resources useful.

But we know there are more questions people have that need to be addressed in similar ways. We hope to add several more Common Questions over the coming months, beginning with today. We’ve posted a new Common Question today called Is Historical Science Reliable? Lots of people have been told there is an important difference between sciences that offer hypotheses about events occurring now, and sciences that offer hypotheses about events that happened in the past. We explain in the article how the historical sciences do in fact conform to the general pattern of scientific investigation by making observations and predictions, and testing their hypotheses. We’d love to hear what you think about this.

We know that one article cannot fully address a topic like historical science. So this month we’ll be featuring several other articles that illuminate different facets of the topic. You’ll hear from scientists who are doing historical science and philosophers who analyze and think carefully about the practice of science. And we’ll link to other great content related to historical science, both on our website and elsewhere. This emphasis on one topic is part of a change in editorial strategy for us. Each month we’ll highlight a different theme. We don’t plan to devote all of our content in a month to that theme, but we do want to highlight some important topics that don’t always get the attention they deserve.

You’ll also see some improvements to our website to help users find resources. Already we’ve launched a powerful new search engine for finding resources, and there are other improvements coming soon that allow you to customize your experience on our site. As part of the changes in website navigation and the transition to monthly themes, we are ending the multiple named blogs that have been associated with several staff and fellows for the last few years. Instead, we are streamlining content so that all of our new posts can be found at Articles and easily searchable there.

With the change in blog strategy, we also have a change in roles for two of our most prolific bloggers—Fellows Ted Davis and Dennis Venema. They have produced a rich archive of great content on our site over the last several years, and we’ll continue to feature that content in various forms. Their role as Fellows and blog authors was supported by a grant that expires at the end of 2017, but they are not ending their work with BioLogos. Both are members of BioLogos Voices, and excellent speakers; consider inviting them to your university or church. They also are joining our Advisory Council, in recognition of the advice and expertise they will continue to provide for BioLogos. And I’m sure you’ve not seen the last of them on our blog.

As we come toward the close of 2017, please consider supporting the work of BioLogos. Many of you know that we have received generous grants in the past, and we hope to receive more in the future. But those grants are for specific projects and do not cover all of our expenses. If you resonate with our mission, please partner with us financially to allow our website, social media, and events to continue and grow. Please join us in inviting the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith.




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Jim Stump is Senior Editor at BioLogos. As such he oversees the development of new content and curates existing content for the website and print materials. Jim has a PhD in philosophy from Boston University and was formerly a philosophy professor and academic administrator. He has authored Science and Christianity: An Introduction to the Issues (Wiley-Blackwell, 2017) and edited Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design (Zondervan 2017). Other books he has co-authored or co-edited include: Christian Thought: A Historical Introduction (Routledge, 2010, 2016), The Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012), How I Changed My Mind About Evolution (InterVarsity, 2016), and Old Earth or Evolutionary Creation: Discussing Origins with Reasons to Believe and BioLogos (InterVarsity, 2017).

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