New (and Updated) Common Questions Articles!

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BioLogos began as an online collection of frequently asked questions to Francis Collins about his book, The Language of God. (You can read more about that in Our History or watch a quick video about it.) What we now call our Common Questions section is still a central part of what we do and one of the most viewed parts of the website.

We’re pleased to announce today that we are investing some significant time and energy into reformatting, updating, and adding to the Common Questions pages.

The purpose of the Common Questions articles is to provide short, helpful responses to questions and concerns that arise for Christians who are considering the implications of evolutionary science for their faith. We don’t pretend to settle these issues once and for all (except maybe the one on thermodynamics and evolution!), but rather hope to point toward ways of reconciling the current findings of science and evangelical Christian faith.

Our goal is to respond in 1000 words or less to each question. What we’ve done with the new format is to add “callout boxes” on specific sections of the text that give additional explanation and links to further resources on that particular topic. To access these, simply click on the “read more on…” button found at the end of some paragraphs. These open a dialogue box on the sidebar (or below the paragraph if you’re on a mobile device or your screen width is too narrow for a sidebar).

Of course it would be nice to unveil the new format with all the current questions updated at once, but these things always take longer than we think they should. So instead we’ll be adding to the Common Questions as we update current entries and create new ones.

In that vein, here are the first two that have been added:

What is evolution?

Is evolution a theory in crisis?

Since this blog post is short, take some time to read through these two new articles linked above. Common Questions don’t have comments sections like our blog posts, but we’d like to hear your feedback on the new format and the content of these (and feel free to suggest additional CQs we ought to have in the section). Leave comments on this blog post, or feel free to send me an email.




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