Nanotechnology and Abiogenesis: Investigating the Origin of Life from a Tiny Perspective

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BioLogos claims that evolution is the scientific description of how life has developed on earth. We don’t think that understanding that scientific process takes away from the creative power and agency of God. In fact, we think it increases the awe and wonder we have for God.

There is a different discipline concerned with investigating how life got started in the first place, called “abiogenesis”. At the moment, scientists in this field don’t have much in the way of plausible scientific descriptions for how the first living organisms came into existence. But there have been advances in nanotechnology that could help in this regard. What happens if we come to understand scientifically how small atoms could naturally develop into the bigger molecules necessary for supporting life? Would it mean that God has been written out of the picture altogether? No! It would mean that we could see God’s creation in greater detail.

Here is a 20 minute TEDx talk [embedded above] by a friend of a friend of ours. Russell Cowburn is Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge, where he leads a research team on nanotechnology. The first ten minutes of the talk give an overview of what nanotechnology is, then he discusses some of the moral and theological implications of nanotechnology. The talk ends with a consideration of the abiogenesis problem, and whether we should just conclude that there is no scientific explanation for it.





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