Long link for the weekend: Jeff Schloss on evolution, morality, and God

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Now that we’re past the holidays and settling into the groove of the new year, consider incorporating into your weekend media consumption something with more substance than the latest YouTube viral videos (though if you’re looking for less substance, here’s my current favorite in that category)

Robert Wright is a journalist and host of bloggingheads.tv and meaningoflife.tv.  On the latter, he has recently had a conversation over Skype with BioLogos Senior Scholar Jeff Schloss.  The hour-long video ranges over topics including Jerry Coyne’s latest book, deism and God’s involvement in the natural order, directionality and purpose in evolution, and morality and evolution. This is a fairly high level conversation between two people who are well-versed in the topics. As such, if you’ve got some familiarity with the issues, you can get a good glimpse into the leading edge of such conversations among scholars.

Long link: Jeff Schloss and Robert Wright at Meaning of Life TV





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