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I’m on vacation next week, and the week after I’ll be in Atlanta manning the BioLogos booth with Brad Kramer at the Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting (if you’re there, stop by to say hey).  I’ve got a few things loaded for the FESQI blog while I’m gone, but I’ll have to pick up my reflections on Fergusson’s Creation when I’m back.  And if you can’t quite put your finger on what is missing from your virtual life on Monday afternoons, Missing Links will be back with a special episode spanning three weeks of internet gems the week of Thanksgiving.  Before I’m off, though, I leave you with one more long link for the weekend.

Keith Ward is an Anglican priest and hugely influential Christian philosophical theologian.  He probably pushes our American evangelical sensibilities somewhat, but I find him generally sensible and worth reading.  His new book, Christ and the Cosmos: A Reformulation of Trinitarian Doctrine, is sitting on my desk waiting to be read (are there any philosophical theologians out there who would like to review it for this blog?).  In the meantime, I stumbled across this interview with him about the book and his views on the Trinity.  The central difficulty is that the orthodox formulation of the Trinity was generated in a very specific cultural situation, and Greek terms were reappropriated for the purpose; does their metaphysical outlook have authority for us?  Ward attempts to defend the doctrine of the Trinity, though recognizing that we need to re-appropriate some of our concepts to do so.

Keith Ward on Christ and the Cosmos - Part 1  (29:06)

Keith Ward on Christ and the Cosmos - Part 2  (42:56)





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