Long Link for the Weekend: Dinner and a Movie

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If you’re looking for something for date night this weekend, we can’t help much with the dinner.  But how about an engaging movie?  If you missed PBS’s Nova program on the Homo naledi find in South Africa (it unfortunately aired the same time as the CNN Republican debate), it is still available to watch online: The Dawn of Humanity. The first hour gives an overview of the hominin fossil record, and the second hour is devoted to the remarkable discovery and recovery of the fossils from the Rising Star Cave in South Africa.

Dawn of Humanity

Of course we covered the story on the blog back in September.  Former BioLogos president, Darrel Falk gave a quick impression of the report, and James Kidder, a paleoanthropologist at University of Tennessee, answered some questions in detail about the fossils.  If you can’t get enough of this, Kidder also participated in a radio dialogue with Old Earth Creationist Fazale Rana about Homo naledi.  





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