Books and Culture Hosts Online Symposium on Adam and Eve

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Books & Culture has been one of the bright spots in the development of the evangelical mind over the last generation. It has molded itself after the fashion of the New York Review of Books, enlisting the writing talents of many prominent evangelical academics to review books and provide cultural commentary.

B&C also maintains a website that houses articles that don’t find their way to print and other special symposia. One of those just occurred that will be of interest to many of our readers. Karl Giberson recently published a book, Saving the Original Sinner, about the history of arguments about Adam. He and B&C editor John Wilson organized an online symposium in which Christian authors write about the doctrine of Adam and Eve.

After Wilson’s introduction (and before his conclusion), there are two rounds of contributions from Giberson, Pete Enns, Denis Lamoureux, Hans Madueme, Hal Poe, John Schneider, William VanDoodewaard, and John Walton (it is easiest to navigate to these from the box at the bottom of each post). Most of these guys have reconciled their faith to the reality of evolution, and it appears that at least half of them do not hold to a historical Adam. Madueme and VanDoodewaard represent the more conservative side according to which treating Adam as anything other than a historical figure undermines theology. Each person wrote an original essay, and then each wrote a response to that first round. They are well worth reading to get a flavor of the conversation about Adam and Eve among Christian academics today.

At BioLogos we’re often asked about our position on a historical Adam and Eve. The honest answer is that we don’t have one. We’re confident that the science of evolution has demonstrated common ancestry beyond a reasonable doubt. And we’re committed to the Scriptural doctrine that all human beings are created in the image of God (see What We Believe). Within these parameters, there is still a wide range of views on Adam and Eve. We’ve sponsored a good deal of discussion about this (see our list of posts tagged with Adam and Eve), and we expect to continue to do so.

Below is a complete list of the essays, with links.

Symposium on the Historical Adam:

Saving the Original Sinner [interview with Karl Giberson]

Round 1:

Round 2:

John Wilson, Adam’s Ancestors [brief wrap-up]




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