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Public discourse has become more polarized than ever. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about political parties, or culture wars, or science and religion. There are two extreme sides, both claiming the other is completely wrong and misguided. Extreme rhetoric fires up the diehard supporters, but does little to persuade others. And it has become exhausting.

At BioLogos, we think there is a better way. A way of dialoguing graciously with others. A way of respecting the insights of both sides. A way of living within the tensions.

In our topic of science and religion, one side claims science has shown religion to be old-fashioned and irrelevant for the modern world; the other side claims modern science is massively wrong because it conflicts with the Bible. Many people who have grown up in the church feel forced to choose to between the religious tradition they’ve been part of, and the remarkable achievements of modern science. And those outside of a religious tradition often feel the anti-evolutionary views of religious people prevent them from even considering the truth claims of the Gospel.

At BioLogos, we don’t think you have to choose between understanding God’s world through science, and remaining faithful to God’s word in Scripture. We believe accepting the best of contemporary science does not have to lead you away from faith. We believe a commitment to the Christian tradition and the teachings of Jesus does not force you to reject the amply confirmed theories of modern physics and biology.

For the past 10 years, BioLogos has primarily produced written resources for the web. We’ve had numerous requests to start a podcast, but we didn’t feel we were ready to produce a podcast with the quality we wanted…until now.

BioLogos is starting a podcast that will convey the harmony between Christian faith and current scientific discoveries to a new audience. With the blessing of Francis Collins, we’re calling it “Language of God: A BioLogos Podcast on Science and Faith.”  We’ll hear the stories of people who have found a better way of understanding science and Christian faith than the extreme voices on either side. We’ll explore the difficult questions with cutting-edge researchers in relevant disciplines. We’ll foster a community of active participants who want to live within the tensions.

Our plan is to launch the first episodes publicly Spring 2019 in conjunction with the ten-year anniversary of our website. If you are a loyal BioLogos reader, would you consider giving to this campaign?

We’re excited for the new possibilities a podcast opens up to us.

God’s word, God’s world: We think you can have them both.

Now let’s tell everyone else. 




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