Galaxies, Genes, and the Glory of God

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The editorial team here at BioLogos has an almost endless backlog of interesting and edifying material on science and faith that we want to publicize for our readers. It would be absolutely impossible to publish everything that we come across, but we especially like highlighting resources that help people engage the often complex relationship between science and faith in simple and clear ways. Not surprisingly, BioLogos president Deb Haarsma excels at presenting our message of harmony between science and faith to audiences all over the world. Today, we’d like to highlight a lecture she gave at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary on May 2, 2014 (almost a year ago—we weren’t kidding about the backlog). The lecture is titled “Christian Perspectives on Creation, Design, Evolution, and Human Origins”, and is part of a lecture series entitled “Galaxies, Genes, and the Glory of God: Intersections of Science and Faith.” If you have ever struggled to communicate with friend or family member about evolutionary creationism, or simply how science and faith mutually enrich each other, this lecture is an amazing reference. While this whole lecture is well worth 46 minutes of your time, below the video a rough guide to finding the best bits.

  • 4:35: The “two books” model of understanding Scripture and nature
  • 14:35: How understanding the cosmology of the ancient world helps us accurately interpret Genesis
  • 18:45: Five definitions of the word "evolution", as well as the difference between evolutionary creationism and “evolutionism"
  • 26:10: A very helpful chart about which major modern scientific theories (and philosophies) each position on origins accepts or rejects
  • 28:04: Why “evolution” and “design” should not be seen as opposites
  • 30:24 to 42:30: A very good summary of the various possibilities regarding how to understand Adam and Eve in light of the evidence for the evolutionary origin of humankind, including a great discussion of how each “model” addresses the big theological issues associated with evolution and human origins
  • 42:30 to end: How evolution helps us understand and praise our creator God

For more from president Haarsma (and her husband Loren) on science and faith, check out this series of excerpts from their book Origins: Christian Perspectives on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design.




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Deborah Haarsma serves as the President of BioLogos, a position she has held since January 2013. Previously, she served as professor and chair in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Gifted in interpreting complex scientific topics for lay audiences, Dr. Haarsma often speaks to churches, colleges, and schools about the relationships between science and Christian faith. She is author (along with her husband Loren Haarsma) of Origins: Christian Perspectives on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design (2011, 2007), a book presenting the agreements and disagreements of Christians regarding the history of life and the universe. Haarsma is an experienced research scientist, with several publications in the Astrophysical Journal and the Astronomical Journal on extragalactic astronomy and cosmology.

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