Deb Haarsma on Seeing Christ in the Cosmos

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Credit: Nasa and ESA. Hubble Space Telescope.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is one of the “highlight clips” from the plenary talks at our Christ and Creation conference last month in Houston, TX. This week’s clip continues the exploration of the conference theme from the perspective of astronomy.  Below the embedded video is the transcribed text and a link to watch the full talk. Also check out the link on the sidebar to last week’s clip by N.T. Wright.

Jesus put the hands of the future of the church and the coming of the kingdom into the hands of some very weak and imperfect people. He put it in the disciples hands; he put it into our hands. You can see how Christ is not clinging to power, but turning things upside down and putting things in the hands of those who are not strong and powerful. God doesn’t seem to be in a hurry or worried about efficiency; he puts this incredible priority on relationships. He doesn’t use brute force or raw power, but he works in us, he works through us, for the long haul.

Now I actually see that same power reversal going on in the natural world, I see hints of this. So, when we look at this star cluster, well, God could have chosen to create stars by saying, “Poof, there they are!” and we would have a great star cluster; he totally has the power and authority to do that. But the evidence we see in his creation is that he chose something different. He chose to work with things he had already made—the gas and dust in this cloud—and he chose to work with natural processes he had already made—gravitational dynamics, fusion—and to work over a very longer period of time, and in fits and starts—not every star is formed out of this nebula, some do, some don’t. And you see that same aspect of God; God working through his creatures. Sometimes that’s called Mediated Creation. But creation done this way is no less God’s work, and that’s very important to remember.

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