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In case you missed it over the holidays, on December 30, Slate ran an in-depth article featuring a story familiar to us at BioLogos:

How an Evangelical Creationist Accepted Evolution: Young people are reconciling faith and science 

This story (which was briefly the headline article for Slate) features an exciting voice of the millennial generation, our own Managing Editor Brad Kramer. Although the Slate piece doesn’t always use the terminology we would (the BioLogos view of Scripture is not “literalist”), it exposes a wide audience to the BioLogos perspective: you don’t have to choose between the best science and faithful Christianity.

This is another example of BioLogos voices in the public square, continuing a series of stories over the last year or two in publications like National Geographic, Fox News, Inside Higher Ed, Forbes, the Washington Post, and the journal Nature.

I also encourage you to check out Brad’s blog at The Evolving Evangelical for his fresh insights on the state of the conversation today, personal stories of others wrestling with evolution and Christian faith, and handy tours of the best of our website. Stay tuned to his blog for a conversation with Slate columnist Rachel Gross (the writer of his profile), a fellow millennial who is watching the landscape from a secular perspective.




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