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In recent months, we have been writing a mission statement and core commitments for BioLogos. Be assured—our mission is not changing! But we’re writing it down in a new way to bring clarity and focus to our work.

It wasn’t easy to sum up the ministry and vision of BioLogos in a single sentence. We wanted it to be vivid and inspiring, explaining why God has called us to this work. Yet we also wanted it to be specific and clear enough to guide our decisions and programs going forward. After much discussion among staff, board members, and advisors, we wrote down the following:

Mission Statement:
BioLogos presents evolution as God’s means of creation, so that the Church may celebrate and the world may see the harmony between science and biblical faith.

The statement includes a lot of key ideas, such as our topical focus (“evolution”) and our position of evolutionary creation (“God’s means of creation”). It alludes to our methods of education and dialogue (“present” rather than advocate or proclaim) and our identity in the evangelical world (“biblical faith” and “the world may see”). It reminds us of our broad audience (“the Church and the world”); we will continue to focus on the Church as our primary audience, but the secular scientific world will always be an important part of what we do. Most of all, the statement challenges us to strive for a future in which all will celebrate and see the harmony between science and biblical faith.

We are now developing a set of strategic goals to achieve this mission. The goals are based around key groups we want to engage, such as evangelical thought leaders, educators, students, and scientists. For each group, we are hoping to bring about changed hearts and minds. We want pastors and teachers to see that evolutionary creation can be a faithful option for evangelical Christians. We want scholars to be empowered to investigate issues in depth, and seekers to find a safe haven for asking questions. In coming weeks we will be fleshing out these goals with plans and benchmarks for new programs. Please pray for wisdom and God’s leading in this important planning process.

Finally, we wrote down a set of core commitments for BioLogos. The first two are developed in longer statements on the About Us page.

Core Commitments:

  • We embrace the historical Christian faith, upholding the authority and inspiration of the Bible.
  • We affirm evolutionary creation, recognizing God as the Creator of all life over billions of years.
  • We seek truth, ever learning as we study the natural world and the Bible.
  • We strive for humility and gracious dialogue with those who hold other views.
  • We aim for excellence in all areas, from science to education to business practices.

This list didn’t come from a boring discussion of “what should be our core values.” Rather, each of these commitments came up repeatedly in our discussions of what BioLogos is all about. These were in the original vision cast by Francis Collins and were richly developed in recent years under Darrel Falk (read more under Our History). Each one is critical to our identity and will infuse all our work going forward. These will always be signature values of BioLogos!

What do you think of the new mission statement and core commitments? Share your comments below. President Deb Haarsma will participate in the comments section a few times on the day of the post.

Note: In March 2014, we came up with an even better sentence. You can read our current mission statement on our About Us page.




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