14 Billion Years of Love

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Recently we were alerted on social media to a beautiful song by musician Clay Kirchenbauer, and I am eager to share it with you. Click on the 5 minute video above, or see lyrics and notes from the songwriter here. 

I was in graduate school when I first came to understand and accept the evidence for an old universe. But that wasn’t the end of my journey. As I write in the recently published book How I Changed My Mind About Evolution,

intellectual acceptance of the evidence wasn’t the whole story. This picture of the world shook me up. It was very different from how I was used to thinking about God’s creation, and it took another few years for me to re-pattern my worship habits to match it.

In my quest to find ways to praise God for his creation, the classic hymns often resonate, but they do not specifically speak to the vast, ancient universe I know as a scientist. So, I am especially grateful for pastors and artists today who bring modern scientific discoveries about into our worship. Even when they don’t attempt scientific detail, these voices are showing us how to perceive and celebrate the awe-inspiring wonder of the universe as God’s creation and part of his redemptive plan. BioLogos recently released The Big Story, a mini-sermon from a gifted pastor that tells chronologically the epic, sweeping, and continuing story of God that stretches from creation to new creation.

In the video and song “Lights in the Sky,” Clay Kirchenbauer tells the story again—not chronologically, but in themes of light, grace, life, and love. He reminds us how God’s love stretches across vast swaths of time (see Ps. 103:11). As an astronomer who has measured the expansion rate and age of the universe, I was incredibly moved by the line “everyone was made to feel 14 billion years of love.” May this song give voice to your own worship.




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