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Youth ministers admit they are often asked about science by students (particularly relating to origins and evolution), but about one third of youth ministers say they “never teach their youth about science”. I touched on this here in a recent post.

Why don’t youth pastors teach about science?  There can be several factors, but they admit they often see conflict between faith and science and feel  “under-resourced to deal with the topic.”

BioLogos is committed to changing this conflict mentality, and helping to meet the need for more and higher-quality materials. To this end, I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new Youth Ministry Resource Center.

Youth workers will find numerous materials to deepen their own understanding of the issues. A few worth noting:

  • John Ortberg (sermon) How can we talk about faith within a culture that claims science has done away with the need for God?
  • Gaining Perspective (video) It’s important for Christians to consider how we conduct discussions about origins, not just what we are saying. Are we reflecting the fruit of the Spirit as we engage each other and the world on these issues?
  • What is Evolution? (article) There are some loud voices in our culture discussing evolution, but what does BioLogos mean by the term? And how does this understanding contrast with other Christian positions on the science of origins?

They will also find materials to use directly with teenagers. You won’t want to miss:

  • The Author of Life (video series) Created by a biology teacher and a school chaplain, this series addresses questions young people are asking about how their faith goes with what they are learning in biology class. Students are reassured that the study of science is compatible with their faith and can even enhance and deepen their relationship with God.
  • Origins (video series) This series presents foundational issues for Christians as we explore the topic of origins, including background on the spectrum of beliefs, the basis for those beliefs, and their implications with regard to the Bible and science. Topics include: “It’s Not Science Versus God”, “It’s Not Science Versus Scripture”, “Astronomy and the Big Bang”, and “Evolution”.

I invite you to explore the new Youth Ministry Resource Center and let me know what you think. And drop me a note in the comments if you know of other materials we should include.




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