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Today's post comes from BioLogos President, Darrel Falk and Board of Directors, Chair, Randy Scott.

The BioLogos Forum: A Place for ConversationIn a recent blog post, Dr. Albert Mohler suggests that Biologos promotes the relinquishing of inerrancy, that Paul was wrong about Adam, and that the Fall was not historical. We thank Dr. Mohler for pointing out that this impression was raised by the website and we would like to respond with some constructive remarks.

First, we want to emphasize that the Biologos site intentionally seeks to represent a broad set of voices, including those of evangelicals holding minority opinions. Among the large number of posts on the site one can find writers who deeply disagree with one another on various aspects of biblical scholarship and theology. This will continue to be the case in the future. Modern science emerged from a Christian worldview in which the Bible was highly influential. BioLogos is committed to the fact that mainstream science and evangelicalism (within the framework of historic, creedal orthodoxy) complement each other and can peacefully co-exist as they have done over the centuries. At the same time evangelical Christianity has long been noted for the diversity of views held by its adherents over matters that are not essential for salvation. We think this is healthy and we will continue to show that many of these evangelical traditions are fully consistent with mainstream science. Moreover we will continue to foster a conversation between scholars, pastors, and laypersons as they each, frequently staying within their own traditions, seek different pathways for maintaining the traditional friendship between science and faith.

Second, we want to affirm that we do not think that evangelicals must relinquish inerrancy, believe that Paul was wrong about Adam, or believe that the Fall was not historical in order to accept the Biologos model. A careful reading of the Biologos site should make it clear that these traditional evangelical views are also represented and defended. We will ensure that this continues to be the case in the future.

Third, we want to maintain Biologos as a space where a wide variety of views can interact, with the hope that we can all learn from one another. In that light, we are grateful to Dr. Mohler for explaining why he disagrees with particular views that were expressed on the site. "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another" Proverbs 27:17. Therefore, we welcome and anticipate such interactions, trusting that we will be learning together under the common Lordship of Christ.




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