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In 2007, I embraced evolutionary creationism as the best scientific and theological paradigm through which to view the natural world and understand God’s strategy to redeem humanity from the power of sin. At the time, I was disheartened by the glaring absence of a solidly evangelical Christian organization that could educate the Church in two key areas: the truth found in the book of God’s word (Jesus Christ’s identity as the Living Word) as well as the truth found in the book of God’s works (nature’s physical testimony to God’s role as Creator).

My soul was uplifted several years later when Dr. Francis Collins filled that void with BioLogos. Although it began as a minor presence in the evangelical Christian community, BioLogos had the ability to reach those who have struggled to reconcile science with their faith in Christ. Their ministry has grown exponentially over the last five years, bringing together a wealth of scientific knowledge and thoughtful, Christ-centered theology under one roof. I commonly refer people who are genuinely seeking answers to the BioLogos website.

Yet my interactions with BioLogos representatives over the years reveal to me that they are unsatisfied with the organization’s efforts to date. It is not that they are disappointed with past efforts; rather, they have grander plans to improve and expand the outreach BioLogos has using a variety of media. Outreach requires funding and, as you know, money doesn’t grow on phylogenetic trees. It is for this reason that my wife and I choose to support BioLogos on a monthly basis.

BioLogos improved its outreach recently with the decision to give voice to laypeople who have experienced a positive impact from their resources. In 2012, BioLogos published my five-part essay, “Confronting Our Fears,” allowing me – as a lay theologian and lay scientist – to come alongside BioLogos and provide a unique “from-the-pews” perspective. The work of BioLogos is not just the work of PhDs. It is the work of Christ-followers like you and me.

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