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As my son Nathan entered high school, he began to ask serious questions about the relationship between his Christian faith and science. He wondered if, as a committed disciple of Jesus, he could fully engage scientific disciplines and theories. Or, did his faith require him to prejudge questions about the origin and nature of the world?

I talked with Nathan about options for dealing with his questions. He chose to invite a few friends to a "Thinking About Faith" group that would meet weekly at our home. In the first meeting, I suggested that we might read together Francis Collins' book, The Language of God. The group agreed, and for the next four months we worked our way chapter by chapter through this perceptive book. My son and his friends were encouraged, not only by Collins' arguments, but also by his example as a faithful Christian who is also a top-notch scientist.

Since Nathan's beginning with The Language of God, the resources of BioLogos have continued to serve him well. As a college student studying film and philosophy at NYU, BioLogos has helped Nathan think deeply and faithfully about the world. He has been able to help others, both believers and inquirers, consider carefully the relationship between Christian faith and science. Moreover, my daughter, now a freshman at Harvard, has also benefitted from the perspectives offered by BioLogos. Kara has shown other students that one can be a committed disciple of Christ and also a person who engages actively in critical inquiry.

As a parent, I am deeply grateful for the work of BioLogos and for its impact on my family. Not only have my son and daughter remained firm in their faith, but also they have been encouraged to share with others what they have learned from the BioLogos community. I see BioLogos as an invaluable resource for parents who want to help their children grow as thoughtful, faithful Christians who make a real difference in today's world.

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